Interview: Ussy

We caught up with DJ/Producer Ussy. Getting big within the Bassline scene…He tells us a little bit about himself!

1.) Hiya! How are things?

All good.

2.) How do you describe your own music you produce?

Bassline / 4×4.  I’d say my sound is very dark and duby but at the same time I do make softer tunes!

3.) How long have you been a DJ/Producer?

For about 8 years but I stopped producing in early 2010 and only just got back into March of this year.

4.) Where did you grow up and did your childhood influence your music?

I grew up in West Yorkshire. Growing up I was listening to Hip Hop and RnB so yeah my childhood definitely had a major influence in my music.

5.) Any big plans coming up in 2017?

Hopefully build myself as an artist and get my sound out there worldwide and some more gigs and releases!

6.) How did you come about hearing the sort of music you produce?

It was all from the olders and cousins I grew up around who went to a nightclub called Niche in Sheffield. Niche pioneered the Speed Garage / Bassline sound. They would bring back mix tapes (cassettes – lol) recorded from the nights or mix tapes from the DJ’s that’s house I got listening to it.

7.) Who inspired you?

My good friend First Born, he was making Bassline from a young age so I got into producing through him.

8.) What other artists are you in to at the moment?

At the moment and names to look out for in 2017; Shaun Dean, Bass Boy, T2, DJ Q, Flava D, TRC, TS7, Holy Goof, Notion, Skepsis, Darkzy, DJ Smallz, Mr V aka Virgo, Freddo, Screama, Wiity Boy, Nastee Boi and Jack Junior (I could go on for ages- haha) – Look them all up!

9.) Do you have any other passions besides music?

I like cars, football and I love to travel.

10.) Did you want to make music from a young age?

Yes, from as young as I can remember.

11.) Biggest achievement so far?

Music wise I’d say playing at festivals such as The Bassline Festival, Fear Fest and Spring Fest! Oh yeah, also jumping out of a plane in Dubai.

Check out his tune Best Friend…One of my all time favourites!