Here are the 5 make-up must haves that are essential to every girls make-up bag at University!



Before I apply make-up, I ensure that I prime my face. Priming not only gives a perfected finish to your skin, but aids the application of your make-up. It also enhances the lifetime of your makeup, ensuring that it lasts longer on your face and therefore prevents you from having to reapply products as frequently.

Colour Correcting Concealer:

Since purchasing two colour correcting concealers, my life has become a whole lot easier! Colour correcting concealers are available in 4 colours: green, pink, yellow and lavender. Green counteracts redness, pink disguises dark circles, yellow brightens lacklustre complexions and lavender balances out sallowness. You simply apply the concealer to the areas you wish to cover, using a brush or sponge to blend into your skin, before applying your foundation as normal. Voila – you’re left with flawless looking skin!

Eyebrow Comb:

An Eyebrow Comb, aka a Spoolie, is an essential for every girls make-up bag! Use the comb to brush through and groom your brows before applying brow pencil/powder. Alternatively, use the comb to soften and smooth out your brow make-up as a final step. With the cheapest price of an eyebrow comb being £1.99, there’s no reason not to purchase one!

Blending Sponge:

It’s definitely a personal opinion, but when it comes to applying concealer/foundation, I much prefer using a blending sponge as opposed to a brush. Perhaps my favourite thing about the blending sponge is how its tear-drop like shape allows you to apply coverage to every nook and cranny of your face. TOP TIP: Ensure you dampen your blending sponge with hot water prior to use, ensuring the prevention of make-up absorption into the sponge. This will result in a smooth and flawless looking finish to your make up.


To me, mascara is the ultimate make-up product. Applying it to your lashes can totally transform your face, by brightening and helping to define your eyes. Whether you’re bare faced or wearing a full face of make-up, mascara is an essential.


Are these make-up essentials in your make-up bag this term?

Article by Amy Parrack