A childhood favourite, Spongebob Squarepants first appeared on our televsions almost 20 years ago in 1999. As children, and even as adults, we loved it for its randomness and positivity – teaching us the importance of friendship and the fundamentals of adulthood.

We didn’t realise it as children, and many of us don’t realise it now, but the three main characters, Patrick, Squidward, and Spongebob represent much more than just humanoid sea creatures – they represented our outlook on life growing up. How? Well…

Young and dumb! Patrick essentially represented us as kids when we were too young to realise how crappy adulthood would be. We all just want to be Patrick again – back when we didn’t even know how debit cards worked.

Spongebob represented that stage in life when we were hopeful and optimistic – how hard can being adult be, right? What we’d give to be as positive and motivated as lovely Spongebob.

We all grew up hating Squidward only to become him. You hate everyone and everything. Like Squidward, and unlike Spongebob, you’ve realised life isn’t quite as easy as you had hoped.

But we can all hope that one day we can regress back to becoming Spongebob, or even Patrick? At least we can say we have a friendship with someone just like the two!

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