With this year’s Love Island all wrapped up and Kem and Amber announced as the king and queen of the villa, wouldn’t it be great to look back at all the things the show has taught us?

How to make your tan pop 

If the girls have taught us anything, it’s that a white manicure, and a fluorescent bikini is the only way to really show off your dorito skin shade.

A lot of new lingo 

Crackin’ on it, muggy, grafting – at first, we needed some kind of translation booklet to help us understand what the hell most of the guys were talking about. But now, it’s all a vital part of our own vocabulary.

Big earrings are bad news

We don’t know about you, but didn’t you notice a lot of the girls, particularly Olivia, who wore some serious bling in her ears before savagely ending things with Sam? If your girl puts on some giant hoops, get the hell out of there.

A bromance can beat all

Those who haven’t even watched the show were rooting for a couple up between Chris and Kem – it was possibly the most genuine relationship in the entire show. There’s even a petition to get them on this year’s I’m A Celebrity!

Makeup wipes won’t kill you

We’re sick of hearing dermatologists tell us that face wipes are bad for our skin, but we saw Olivia remove several inches of foundation every night – and there wasn’t a breakout in sight.

White jeans aren’t that bad

Men in white jeans didn’t seem right at first, but after 60 hours of Love Island, I’m finally convinced they can look pretty damn good and not everyone who wears them is a terrible person.

Surgery isn’t always the answer

Some of the over plumped lips and stiff foreheads have put a few of us off surgery, and perhaps helped many of us embrace our natural beauty!


Sleeve tattoos are the tits

No man in that villa looked shabby with those tatted biceps on display, it’s like they were wearing a tight shirt… without wearing a tight shirt! Woah!

So, who knew a reality TV could teach us so many serious life lessons?