Norwich based beauty and lifestyle vlogger, Helen Anderson, fell into the mysterious world of YouTubing back in 2011 shortly after finishing her film degree. Since then, she’s gone on to gain a whopping half a million subscribers, work with massive brands, and create some quirky content all about personal style, travel, music, beauty, and general life.

Q 1: Hi Helen, how are you? For those who don’t know, tell us a little bit about yourself and The Anderz Approach.

I am a 26 year-old colourful gal that accidentally fell into this crazy online world. I started off with hair tutorials for funky colours and it soon developed into making videos on personal style and just general life! I like to think I’m a little different to your standard vlogger as I’m honest, upfront and not afraid to say what I like and look a bit silly.

Q 2: Blogging was once just a hobby of yours – at what point did it suddenly become a career? 

When I realised I could scrape by and pay my rent and quit my other full-time job. Scary but amazing moment.

Q 3: People love you for your unique style! How would you describe it in three words?

Eccentric Rock Chick – without sounding too cringe.

Helen Anderson

Q 4: What is the most challenging aspect of being a full-time blogger/vlogger? And what part of it do you enjoy the most?

Dealing with the fact it’s so much harder these days for your content to be seen, whether it’s because so many others are doing it, or just not being clickbait enough to make the YouTube algorithm. I’m all about integrity and would never do stuff for views, it goes against my values, but it does effect lets say, my popularity. But I love the freedom and that I don’t work for anyone else – I feel really lucky for that.

Q 5: I watch your videos regularly and you always seem so busy! How do you keep up with creating regular content for two YouTube channels, as well as all the other things you get up to? Including being in a band!

Well it comes with practice. I always do my upload schedules for my main channel a month in advance, and then film a week in advance. Then with daily vlogs I just film what I’m up to, then edit it the following morning. It’s just about getting a routine and knowing where to put the time.

Q 6: What videos do you enjoy creating the most and why?

The weird ones, for example my 2017 favourites. I wrote and recorded a crappy 80s kinda song and then we filmed a stupid music video on a 90s camcorder. I just love it because there’s not much of that on YouTube and people really appreciate it. I think it shows the real me and my weird sense of humour.

Q 7: Social media is vital to your career but does it ever get difficult presenting yourself online and having so many people interested in your personal life?

Yes – I love it don’t get me wrong, but having people so involved in your personal life is really frustrating at times. People think they’re entitled to you and that I don’t like. People forget there’s a real person behind the screen and they might not want to share or have an opinion on everything they do.

Q 8: We’re surrounded by technology nowadays – do you ever find time to put your phone down and step away from social media? 

Nope – haha. I honestly do try. But the only time I can really switch off is if I’m out on the lash with my mates.

Helen AndersonQ 9: What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers/vloggers? Do you have any tips in particular regarding online safety? 

I would say be yourself, be inspiring, be different. There isn’t a magic formula, textbook or a strategy to make it. Sometimes it’s luck, sometimes you get onto an algorithm and that pushes you. It really makes no sense if I’m honest. So just keep at it and don’t
hope to be popular, just want to make fun and cool content. Regarding online safety, just be really thorough with all your privacy settings, two step authentication etc and be wary of what personal information you share with others.

Q 10: One last question; do you have any exciting plans for 2018 we’re allowed to know about? 

I’m going to be doing music again after quite a long break this year with all my best pals. We’re forming a new band and I’m SO excited. I can’t wait to get back on the road!

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