It goes without saying that music has a major influence on many areas of our lives. It can be used to elevate mood, create the right ambience, and in some cases even improve your general well-being. And those are only a few areas affected by it. Just like you don’t expect heavy metal music to be playing inside a labour room, or loud classical music on a beach, there’s a certain type of music that suits off-line and online casinos too.

The music played at these places has a lot to do with the risk-taking and gambling propensity of people. In fact, casinos deliberately play music that makes players gamble more and more. For instance, a quick and random sampling of the games offered at the Casumo online casino, would tell you how different types of music effects people’s gaming interests and abilities. This Canadian detailed Casumo review will tell you all you need to know about Casumo online casino.

Studies in this regard

An article published in the International Gambling Studies in the year 2007 detailed the work of three well-known experts – Griffiths M, Trigg R and Dixon L in this regard. They studied the impact that tempo of music has on the gambling propensity factor. They found that different levels of musical tempos have a different impact on the gambling behaviour of people. Faster music causes people to place bets quickly, without putting enough thought behind them. They often don’t do it consciously, and instead rush only to not lag behind.

On the other hand, slow paced music takes the excitement out of the casino games, often making gamblers uneasy. As excitement factor plays a major role in pressurizing these players, the role of music in building up such excitement cannot be neglected. Needless to say that people who get engrossed in poker, blackjack, roulette etc, at these casinos, are often unaware of the kind of musical spell they’re under!

As music significantly impacts the behaviour, perceptions and relaxation levels of these players, often arousing them psychologically too, it would not be an exaggeration to state that rhythm has a direct impact on casinos revenues as well. Marketers and advertisers also understand this fact, and put it to good use by enabling casinos to reach their correct target markets. It’s also a reason why you see those slot machines with pleasant musical interludes!


In case of online casinos

When it comes to online casinos, not all provide background music on their platforms. Even if they do, the players are at liberty to turn it off. To give you an example, there are several online casinos that offer free spins for Canadians. Once the prospective players sign up with those online casinos and start playing those free spin slot games, it’s up to them if they wish to listen to some music (while playing), or would rather do so in silence (to concentrate better).