There are very few things in life more embarrassing than singing a song loudly to an audience and getting the lyrics wrong. Your only choice is to laugh it off and let somebody else take the stage.

Unfortunately, memorizing a song can be a daunting task. For some, it takes a long time for them to sing along with their favorite tunes.

Thankfully, there are things that you can do in order to memorize a song quickly. Below are just a few tips and tricks that would ensure you get to sing along with the latest chart-topper:

Listen and Familiarize Yourself with the Structure of the Song

Nowadays, you don’t have to run down to the nearest record store to buy an album. You can download any song with just one click! In order to memorize a song, you have to listen to it repeatedly.

During the first few streaming, make sure that you aren’t distracted. It is best to listen to the tune with earphones so you can block any outside noise. Familiarize yourself with the lyrics and the melody.

Take note of key changes and dominant instruments used, as the guitar sound will be different from the best viola one. This way, you can take note of the nuances that you can use as markers to associate with certain lyrics of the song.guitar 2

Let it Soak In

Getting enough sleep plays an important part in any learning activity. Aside from having more energy after eight hours of shut-eye, the sleep cycle has a hand in making sure that you retain the memories you gain throughout the day. With that said, it is best to get some sleep a day before a performance as opposed to pulling an all-nighter.

Moreover, a certain study from the Oxford Academic suggests that listening to certain verbal cues during sleep can help recall during a person’s waking hours.

The study determined that new information would not be acquired during sleep even with the introduction of verbal cues. However, familiar verbal cues are easily recalled if a recording of it is played during sleep.

Sing, Sing, Sing

As a student learning a song, you should not be embarrassed when singing the piece you want to learn. As cliché as it may sound, practice really makes perfect.

If you can’t sing a song on your own just yet, there is no shame in singing along with a recording. It is also a good idea to record yourself while singing the tune. Play it back whenever you can so you can identify the parts you need to improve on.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Process

According to a study published in the British Journal of Psychology, stress can hamper a person’s ability to learn. If you are trying to memorize a song, putting pressure on yourself would hamper the process.

Remember, singing is fun. It doesn’t matter if you are preparing for a performance or simply itching to jam to a song during your free time. Enjoying a tune makes it easier to memorize a song, so relax and take it easy.

So, the next time you are trying to memorize a song, do not forget the tricks above! The process shouldn’t take you long. And be sure to visit for more info. Enjoy!