Who has time for hairstyles in the morning? Lazy pony tail, messy bun…We just don’t seem to care when it comes to getting out of bed early enough to make ourselves look great for the day! I am not a morning person that’s for sure, I never have any time in the morning to style my hair…I just love my bed way too much. Bad hair days are not the one though are they? It puts such a downer on your day, hair is everything for us ladies! These bed time styles will ensure you look great when those early mornings are a complete rush!

No Heat Curls

1.) Create a side parting in your hair (or whatever parting you feel comfortable with). Make sure hair is damp and spray a curl enhancing spray, like Tresemme Flawless Curls Spray Gel throughout your hair.

2.) Rip up 1-inch wide pieces of an old t-shirt or pillowcase. Roll a 1-inch section of your hair up around the paper towel towards your roots and tie once you reach your roots (this secures the curl)!

3.) Keep repeating this process until your entire head is complete.

4.) When you wake up, remove the pieces from your hair. Separate the curls gently and spray with firm hold hairspray.ian-dooley-281846-unsplashBeachy-Boho Look

1.) Spray damp hair throughout with a salt spray (Fudge Salt Spray is amazing…Smells amazing too)!

2.) Section your hair into 4 parts and clip the front 2 sections out of the way.

3.) With the back 2 sections of hair; twist each bit as tight as possible. Then tie together at the bottom.

4.) Release the front 2 sections; twist towards each other, again as tight as possible. Tie together at the bottom. Make sure the twists are very tight, you don’t want then coming lose when you sleep!

5.) Spray more salt spray over your hair, only a little though.

6.) In the morning, undo each twist. Spray with firm hold hair spray.courtney-clayton-352451-unsplashCrinkles 

1.) Apply hair mousse to damp hair. Try to avoid your roots.

2.) Separate your hair into 4 sections. Then plait each section as tight as possible to get more of a crinkle. Tie each one to hold it in place.

3.) Tie your 4 braids together to keep them tight whilst you sleep.

4.) In the morning, undo the braids and run fingers through your hair. Spray with a move-able hairspray.

      … At-least you’ll get to stay in bed that extra 20 minutes or so longer!katarina-sikuljak-585927-unsplash