Rising pop star Emma Blackery has had a whirlwind of a year due to her recent success of an album and being represented as a featured artist in the Apple keynote event. Her online popularity originating from her YouTube channel and social media presence prove that she’s one to watch when it comes to taking over the online and music world. We caught up with her to discuss her latest music and plans for her future career…

For those who haven’t heard of Emma Blackery yet, how would you describe yourself and what you do?
I am a musician, generally just following my dreams by making videos on the internet. That’s what I do.

If you hadn’t found your place in the YouTube or music world, what would you be doing now?
I’d probably still be a waitress in a café.

When did you first realise things were starting to pick up around your music and YouTube channel, and how did this come about?
The YouTube channel started picking up back in 2012, it just started getting more views, and people I looked up to were watching what I was doing. I’ve made music since I was about 16 years old and I’ve been posting music online for about four or five years now. It’s been a gradual pick up; people have slowly discovered it, but at the end of last year, my then latest CD was featured on the Apple Keynote events. It broadcasted to millions of people and from then it’s really just been a really quick whirlwind. I’d say last year was it.

Emma Blackery’s recent single ‘Dirt’

How was the writing process for the single?
It’s been really long – not difficult, because it’s not even stressful – just mostly emotional because this album has really followed a journey from when I was at quite a low point to where I am now. It’s taken a lot of emotional energy and yes, it’s really taking a toll, but I’m so proud of it and can’t wait for it to be out.

Would you say your music has changed since you first started your social media and music journey?
It changed genre. When I first started out I was mostly focused on writing music with guitar and a lot of pop-punk. Over the years I’ve gotten more introduced to pop music and found that I really loved it, so I started moving in that direction and I’m really, really happy with it.

What’s your ultimate life goal and where do you plan on being in five years time?
My ultimate life goal is to headline Brixton Academy, that’s the main dream for my music and I think anything above that is a bonus. As of five years time, I don’t know, hopefully just still writing music whether for me or other people. I just want to continue this journey.

Who inspires you?
A ton of people. My family and my friends who’ve stuck by me when days have been difficult. Musically I’d say Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Paramore. Lots of up and coming songwriters as well.

Do you have any advice for any aspiring musicians or YouTuber’s out there?
Yes, just put your work out there; don’t give up because things come through perseverance.

If you could choose to collaborate with anyone, who would it be?
Probably Taylor Swift, I do absolutely love her, I look up to her a lot in terms of song writing. It would be amazing to work with her.

What’s your favourite thing about touring?
My favourite thing about touring is probably just the friendships I make on the road. Being with my band is an amazing experience. Being on stage and hearing people sing my words back to me, seeing everyone engaging is an experience like no other, I absolutely love touring and performing live. My previous tours have been absolutely wonderful.

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Emma Blackery interview by Lucy Rix