Before we get into a minimalist tattoo, let’s define what a minimalist first is. A minimalist is an individual who champions or advocates for minimalist music or art. To be precise, it is all about keeping everything simple, in most cases living with the little as possible. However, it is worth knowing that not all people who are concerned with tattoos live a minimalist life.

In most cases, their minimalist melts down to career-related decisions, in simple terms known as a job killer tattoos. So, if you are thinking about rocking a minimalist tattoo, here are some basic things you should know. We also have some tattoos for your consideration.

Minimalist Tattoo

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1. The Meaning of Minimalist Tattoos.

These tattoos employ the use of shaded or black lines, negative space, and hue palettes, showing a design that is simple and clean as well.

The tattoos usually range from expensive to cheap ones, but the message being emphasised in a particular tattoo determines the impact of the entire design. It is, therefore, essential to be aware of the meanings of various symbols and how they can relate to you. For instance, a minimalist antler tattoo, represents nobility, sexual prowess, pride, and virility. An arrow has several meanings, but the most commonly known meaning is “keep moving forward” these tattoo meanings will help you decide what to choose.

Minimalist tattoo 2

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2. Minimalist Tattoo Meanings.

    • Blackhearts- this symbolised sadness or grief. It also represents a stop of a significant point in your life.
    • Infinity symbol- typically shown as the number eight on its sides, it means endless possibilities or reincarnation.
    • Keynote- this symbolises the love for music.
    • Birds- It depends on the species of the bird. But generally, it means the love for travel and health.

3. Key minimalist tattoo artists to follow.

A. You Yeon.

Based in Seoul, You Yeon most concentrates on grey and black designs. However, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t do colour tattoos. When you go through his profile, one thing that you will notice is a large number of photorealist portrait tattoos of pets. Though there are other tattoo designs such as those of hyper-realistic objects and floral, the pet portraits will undoubtedly steal your attention.

B. Annelie Fransson.

This artist is well-known for her diverse range of both tattoo drawings and highly detailed tattoos. He is famous for having seamlessly drawn a mimic of Kobenhavn spiralling church of our saviour, as well as the creation of Adam painting. So, the next time you are in town, make sure you visit her Fabel tattoo studio to see what she has for you.

C. Victoria Yam.

You will find her on Instagram as @vinktattoohk. She is a fine art graduate who tries to show her passion for art through her fine tattoo work, which has made her a pro on Instagram. Though she designs relatively small tattoos, they are quite detailed and carry a lot of meaning. When you look at her previous work, you will be fascinated with the level of precision in her tattoos, most of which are of landscape and pets.

D. JK Kim.

This great artist continues to give us some of the most interesting and stunning tattoos. Whether you need a simple tattoo or complicated ones, she will recommend something great for you. She has great attention to details, and if you are considering a tattoo for the first time, or you need to incorporate a delicate detail in your existing tattoo, she will be a great option.

E. Bicem Sink.

If you need an exquisitely fine minimalist tattoo, Bicem will make sure you have one. She is based in Istanbul. To give you a unique aesthetic, she uses a combination of dots, geometric shapes, and lines to come up with imagery that appears to oscillate between the spiritual and futurism worlds. Her art employs both concrete and abstract concepts, and therefore ideal for people looking for something unique.

F. Emily Malice.

She works at Femme Fatale Tattoo studio located in London. She is famous for her seamless feminine aesthetic that is accompanied by tough nail designs. Her tattoos often incorporate delicate stars and flowers. This gives the entire design intricacy and some level of uniqueness.

TIP: It’s important to care for your tattoo, so be sure to spend as much time caring for your body art, after you have had it!