Hi Charlotte Devaney, thanks for speaking with us! What are you up to at the moment and where are you right now?
Hey! I’m currently self-isolating myself in the studio! I’m using this time to make lots of new music!

Charlotte Devaney

What effect is the coronavirus having on your day to day life?
The corinavirus is an absolute madness, to be honest, it’s totally spun me out! I’ve lost a lot of work, and being self-employed it’s obviously a very worrying time… However, the main thing is to make sure we all stay healthy, look after each other and stay home! The quicker we get rid of this thing, the quicker we can all get back to normal! I think the one thing I’ve personally noticed from this situation, is the love people are showing for one another, something you don’t always see in this selfish world we live in. Also it’s stripped-back life to the bare bones and put everyone on a level playing field no matter how much money you have or who you are.

Your new single Boogie is fantastic! What’s the reaction been like from your fans?
Thank you, I’m really proud of it! The reaction has been crazy! Loads of fans and industry people loving the track! I’m really happy with the reaction and am looking forward to dropping more of my new music soon!

What was it like working on the music video with Aliki? Are you planning on collaborating again soon?
I directed, produced and edited the Boogie video along with my partner in crime Joe Kitchener, we run my Label and Production company Karma London together – it was a very fun three day shoot! Aliki is brand new artist. I heard her voice through a friend and thought she had a lot of potential, we got in the studio to collaborate on Boogie and it came out amazing, so yes, we will def be working together again in the future!

You’re obviously an extremely busy person; you’ve been a headline DJ, platinum-selling musical artist, radio host, record label owner, animal rights campaigner, video director and even a Hollywood actress! How do you find time to juggle everything and cope under pressure?
Life is VERY busy! I’m not sure how I juggle everything to be honest, but I think I am actually superwomen [laughs]. I think a lot of it comes down to the desire and passion for what I do, so although I have a busy life, I enjoy everything I do, so it doesn’t really feel like work!

Who are your biggest musical influences and why?
I have so many! My musical influences and inspirations are vast from Fabio & Grooverider, LTJ Bukem & The Prodigy… I got into dance music very young and used to sneak out of the house to go to raves! I’ve also always loved urban and pop music. Artists such as Missy Elliot, Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill, Jamiroquai, and Bob Marley have also heavily influenced my style and vibe… all iconic artists! I try to fuse all my favorite music styles in a lot of what I do!

How and when did you first get into veganism?
I was vegetarian for years, most of my life in fact, and decided to go vegan around 5 years ago. The more I educated myself, the more I realized it was the right and most healthy way to live.

What would be your advice to anyone who is on the fence about veganism? Do you believe there are health or environmental benefits, or is it purely from an animal rights point of view?
I am vegan first and foremost for the animals, but it’s also the most healthy way to live if you eat right, and it will extend your life and prevent illness. Anyone who’s on the fence, take a look at some of the amazing food alternatives you can buy now, it tastes just as good or even better than the real thing and nobody died for it! It’s the future and the best way to live! I advise anyone sitting on the fence to watch WHAT THE HEALTH on Netflix, it’s non-graphic and extremely informative.

If you were prime minister for the day, what would you do?
End Homelessness, pay NHS staff more money, end Universal Credit, stop tests on animals, end factory farming, and bring in MUCH stricter laws on people who abuse animals.

What have you got in store for your fans next?
I’ve got loads of new music dropping very soon. Watch this space!

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Charlotte Devaney interview by Elliot Norman