Max M is recognised as one of the few French experts in his IT field, and now leads a double career.  Composer and producer of electronic music while holding a high position in an American multinational.

Max M launched his new single Imaginary problems, the first pop dance song after the successes of Never Wanna Leave and Under Water, ranked first and fifth on the American DJ site Digital DJ Pool.

Passionate about music since his adolescence, Max M mixes and composes from the age of fourteen before devoting himself entirely to his computer studies, his other passion. After a very good professional career, he decides, at forty, to take piano lessons, composition and production to be back to his synths for our greatest pleasure and talks to us about his sound, career and future plans…

Interview by Ben Farrin

Hello Pierre, firstly thank you for giving us your time today. Can we start by you letting us know how you came up with the artist name Max M?
Hello Ben, many thanks for the interview opportunity! I’m afraid I’ve not been very original on that one Ben! Max is my middle-name and M is the first letter of my name. I liked how it sounded!

It’s a really catchy name! Please can you explain how you found yourself getting into the electronic music producer scene?
I have a quite unusual story. I began DJing and composing when I was a teenager but my studies soon took over leaving little time for music. I then went on to concentrate on my other passion: computer science, which I studied at university. Through this I embarked on a really nice worldwide career. When I reached the age of 40, I decided to rekindle with my first love, took piano lessons and trained in production in order to get back behind the synthesizers. Actually, it all started with my girlfriend and a good friend challenging me to do it!

That’s really interesting! How has your music taste changed over the years since you first started DJing?
Although my music gravitates towards electronic pop music, I always had very eclectic tastes. I appreciate all kinds of styles like American Jazz, Rap or even Symphonic Metal. I can’t say that Djing or producing did change my tastes over the years however it really pushed me to listen to more and more music.

Can you describe your sound?
I love making “secretly complex” tunes. I appreciate complex harmonies and strive to include them in my compositions. I’m doing my best to hide them though as I feel it’s important for them not to be obvious upon first listen. I like to see music as a game with questions and answers between the elements, ultimately like a discussion. I hate repetitiveness and to me it’s all about playing with subtle variations.

That makes total sense. I listened to your music for the first-time last week and I must say, I was INSTANTLY hooked! You have a very, VERY cool sound. I can 100% imagine hearing your music on mainstream radio and in chart-topping positions! Your videos are also very professionally done! How are you funding your music, are you signed to a label or investing your own cash?
Wow thanks! I’m currently independent and investing my own cash through a production and publishing company I’ve created.

The first track I listened to was Under Water, and then I found Never Wanna Leave, and it’s another amazing track! You’ve certainly got something very special here, as I am sure you’re aware. Which of the two tracks do you like the most, and why?
Thank you very much Ben! I’m really excited to hear that you love both tracks. I also love the two of them but if I had to pick one it’d be Never Wanna Leave, for the groove and the dance vibes.

How much input do you have in the videos?
For the Under Water and Never Wanna Leave I was able to decide globally about the story and refine the post production. For the next video it’ll be a little bit different as it will be a bigger project and I should have more input.

Wow, exciting! What are your main aims as a producer?
Produce good music that will (hopefully) speak to people and make them want to dance.

What’s your studio setup like?
A big desk in a treated room hosting Focal monitors, Universal Audio interfaces, an API preamp, several midi controllers including an 88 keys keyboard and a Mac Pro 2019. A Moog One sits next to the desk.

On the other side of the room there is another desk with all the DJ equipment.

I have a load of vinyl and some pretty worn-out Technic 1210s, I was looking online recently and hadn’t realised there’s now MK7s!! I am hoping to upgrade soon. Do you have any vinyl and what’s your most precious record?

I love vinyl! I actually have a vintage Technics SL1700 I got from my father that I upgraded with a Nagaoka cell. I have a decent amount of vinyls but actually find the vintage ones to have the best sound. One of my favourites is Simon & Garfunkel live in Central Park.

I’ve never heard about Technics SL1700s so I’ll be checking those out! You’re clearly at the beginning of a very exciting career, what else have you got planned for the rest of the year?

Fingers crossed! I love making music and the most important to me is to keep having fun!

I’ve just released a remix of Never Wanna Leave performed by the German DJ Klaas and I’m now working on two singles and one EP to be released before the end of the year. I’ve also started some really interesting collaboration discussions.

Superb. Who inspires you musically?
My main influences range from Jean-Michel Jarre to David Guetta whilst including Max Martin, Calvin Harris and Zedd.

What’s your biggest achievement in the industry to date?
Well to be honest I don’t think I’ve done any big achievement yet. I’m just moving forward step-by-step and really happy with the results so far as it seems my music speaks to some people!

Well, thank you so much for your time. You’ve got yourself a new fan from me, and I’m sure you will also win over many of our student readers! Take care and I look forward to watching your career explode!
You’re welcome Ben, it was a pleasure!  Looking forward to their feedback! Take care!

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