It is true that boys are as active as grown men. They go to school, attend after school practices, play video games all weekends long, and so on. However, that does not mean that either group refuses from looking stylish and elegant everywhere they are headed. It is a fact that for some reason, boy’s cuts are a little left out when compared to those of girls’, and we are going to try to fix that today.

While Mens hairstyles have gathered all the trendiest boys haircuts, we are going to try to draw more attention to the ways you can style and maintain those cuts. If you stick to those simple rules, your little fellow will look modern and neat 24/7!

Haircuts for School

It goes without saying that most of their time, boys still spend in school. That is why it is so important to come up with teen haircuts that suits the school dress code in the first place. Surely, some schools leave it up to the parents and little fellows themselves when it comes to expressing one’s style and preferences. However, at the same time, some schools refuse to accept some cuts no matter what, and it is best if you rule those out before you take your boy to the salon.

Styling Tips and Ideas

When you have sorted all the school rules and requirements, it is vital to consider proper hair styling tips.

  • One of the most underestimated styling tips for boys’ hair is the hair product application. You should consider the age above all. The fact is that adults’ hair is a lot different from that of children. This means that you should not let them use any of your hair products, no matter how tempting it may be. It is always advised to consult a professional so that you choose the best product there is. Also, abusing hair gels, mousses, and sprays are not recommended.
  • There is a widespread assumption that boys do not require conditioner. The opinion is as false as it can possibly be. They need it, but once again, the conditioner should correspond with the hair type as well as the age.
  • Whenever you are shopping for some hair care products for your boy, whether it is a shampoo, conditioner, hair mousse, or hair dye, the cheapest one is not always the best option. The thing is that, at times, cheap products contain too many chemicals that are extremely dangerous for a developing organism.
  • Another tempting idea is to cut your boy’s hair on your own. However, no matter how skilled you think you are, it is advised to leave it to a professional. The exceptions are if you are an experienced barber yourself. In such a way, you will ensure that your little one does not suffer any unpleasant style-related consequences.
  • Last but not least – you should let them choose the cut they want. As a parent, you may think that you know better, but you should always give your kid a choice. Even if you are limited in options, two-three examples will suffice. It is vital to consult with your child no matter how small you think he is. Sometimes, the cut he has in mind is unfitting, and you should explain to your boy why it is a haircut that is out of the question, at least at the moment.

Blonde Ivy League Look for Elegant Gents

No private or public school would dare to ban such an elegant and neat hairstyle, is there? It is true that some styling is optional, but a bit of hair gel will only intensify that Ivy League vibe that your boy will vibrate with!

Slicked Back Haircut with Trendy Undercut

Reaching the teenage years makes boys wish they can resemble the grown-ups. Experiments with a haircut are the best way to achieve the goal without greater sacrifices. Besides, a slicked-back cut has been in fashion for a while not and seems to keep the leading positions for a lot longer.

Textured French Crop with Disheveled Touch to It

Bringing up a little rebel is a challenging task, and we will not try to deny that. However, if you do not wish your little lad to grow out waist-long hair or dye it neon, an extended French crop is the simplest alternative you can afford.

Source: MensHaircuts