Trying to save some bucks going to the nail salon to achieve your pastel dip nails is not an option, and it’s not bad timing to master doing your manicure. Not to mention the real satisfaction of doing it at home, plus it gives you therapeutic advantages. But does it give you satisfactory results? A head-turner results? Yes! As a student, it just takes a bit of practice, tons of patience, and a correct method or lifestyle. We’re here to spill some secrets on how to achieve a naturally beautiful nail that would result in a salon-quality manicure!

You are what you eat, so EAT WELL and right

Having a healthy lifestyle and diet is essential in maintaining healthy nails. Protein is critical, as are omega-3 fatty acids. Eating foods with biotin decreases brittleness, and selenium avoids whitened nail beds. Of course, drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated is a must!

Invest in High-quality yet affordable Nail Dip products

It is enjoyable to visit your best-loved nail salon and spoil yourself sometimes, but it’s safe, practical, and easier to do it yourself at home at the end of the day.

You can find and buy a whole set of high-quality nail kits at a reasonable price but give you satisfactory results on the net. Surf and add to cart now!

Show some love and care to your cuticle

Avoid having your cuticle overly trimmed during a manicure. Cuticles are intended to be a barrier for bacteria or germs, and cutting them can cause painful infections. Moisturise and push them back using a cuticle pusher, and remember only to trim away the dead skin.

Suppose you’re planning on having a manicure. In that case, a way of protecting your cuticles is by dabbing vegetable oil or any natural oil earlier to prevent the harmful chemicals that will soak into your natural nails.

Look for alternatives

There are a few legit nail dip companies now that are producing cruelty-free and non-toxic nail products. Ensure to check them out and start making a list of your favourite starter kits and colours for your next DIY manicure!

Have a healthier and easy removing method

You can have acetone-free remover almost anywhere, which is less harmful to your nails. You can go ahead and check out the Soak Off Clip Method and the Soak Off Bowl Method on Youtube. These techniques are the easiest and healthier way of removing your mani.

Make a home natural nail-strengthening remedy

There are tons of nail strengthening home remedies online, but we’re here to share one.

You can mix two tablespoons of castor oil, two tablespoons of salt, and one tablespoon of wheat germ oil. Mix it all and store it in a sealed bottle. Then you can rub a small amount onto your nails. Leave for about 3 to 5 minutes and wipe it off. Good for 20 to 30 applications.

Take your time to prep your nails!

It may not be as fancy or eye-catching as colour, but a touch of buffing can go an extended way. Take the time to trim, file, and buff your nails precisely, and you’ll be surprised at how great the outcome is, despite being au naturel. Never go back and forth with a file because it will surely damage your natural nails. Always file from the surface fringe of your nail inward. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to take your time to properly prep your nail before anything else!

Pick a colour that matches your skin tone and choose a nail length that suits you best

You can pick whatever manicure colour you want. But certain shades look more attractive on deeper and lighter skin tones that deserve special attention.

Bold, rich shades pop on dark skin. The demand for nail shades depends on the season, but overall for darker skin, earthy, and jewel tones like cobalt blue, hunter green, and bright orange are the best picks!

The best colours for warm skin tones often include brown, nude, green, mustard yellow, and warm reds. Some colours that you can work with are coral, peach, amber, and gold for other warm skin tones. 

If you like to use trendy colours together with your outfit of the day, pick warmer ones, like orchid, olive, violet-red, and moss. Google up the best manicure colour and best dip powder nail kit that will suit you best on the web now!

It can be hard to get the same results at home that you’re used to at the nail salon. Between chipping, lifting, and damaging your natural nails, a lot can go wrong. So in this article, we made sure that it’s impossible to have an Insta-worthy manicure by yourself at home!

All it takes is eight simple steps to have a healthier and beautiful manicure that everyone would notice!

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Cyrel is the digital marketing strategist of Double Dip Store, an online store committed to helping women become fashionably pretty and empowering them to express their amazing personalities by doing your own nails kit. His content marketing skills have led him to work with different brands from lifestyle, health, and beauty niches that have exponentially gained traffic and sales in just a matter of time.