Yung Filly talks music, dating, and embarrassing stories…

Yung Filly Interview | Student Pocket Guide

Hey Filly! Thanks for your time. This is a big deal for us, issue 50, marking the 17th year publishing Student Pocket Guide. Exciting times, especially talking to you, our Freshers cover star! We’ve obviously done our research, but before we get into things, can you start by introducing yourself and what you do, because to be quite honest you’ve got a well varied creative background!…

Ha ha ha. Well thank you. So, I am Yung Filly aka Mr Yeaahhhh Man. I would say I am an all-round entertainer.

You’ve amassed a huge social media following for your awkward videos, asking people funny things on the spot. What’s the most awkward filming situation you remember? 

Oooo that’s a very good question. It’s actually a very recent one. I had a shoot with Google and I was so convinced I knew what I was going to do and I got there and the production team had switched up all on me and I had to do a different job.

I find it fascinating how multi-talented, celebrities and influencers often are these days, yourself crossing over from comedy and social media to music. Is this a part of a long-term plan, or have things fallen into place step-by-step?

One thing I always say I wanted to do was music. I fell into comedy from telling a story about my ex cheating on me and it went viral. Music was my first love.

I’m listening to your mixtape whilst writing these questions. Really nice sound, sooo fresh! How long have you been working on the mixtape and how do you feel about its upcoming release?

I wanted to drop a mixtape from when me and Chunkz were doing music together. This current project has been in the works for over a year now. I really can’t wait for you all to hear it.

What is your personal favourite track from your mixtape, and why?

I actually don’t have one you know. Sometimes I play it and I say deffo this one. Next day am like nah it has to be this one.

Yung Filly Interview | Photo Credit: Charlie Sarsfield

Yung Filly Interview | Photo Credit: Charlie Sarsfield

‘Day to Day’ feat. Chip has so much flow! Someone commented on the official YouTube video: “The collab no one knew they wanted but is EXACTLY what everyone needed!”. You’ve clearly put a huge amount of effort into your music and are getting well deserved, immediate credibility – do you feel like you’ve instantly earned your position as a top rapper?

I feel like I’m still a student in this. I am starting to earn my stripes but I can’t say I have earnt them.

Are there any specific artists you’d like to collaborate with in the future?

I am open to collaborating with anyone if the records make sense. I can’t say there is one in particular but there are a few that I really like for example Fireboy, J Hus and Tems.

How far are you willing to push to achieve your life/career goals and what are they – is there a number, an age, a limit?

No age, no limit for me. As long as God keeps giving me the strength, I will keep pushing.

If you could describe a perfect day, what would it be like?

For me it will be relaxing and spending time with my mum.

Picture the scene, your dream girl enters your life on the condition you only see Chunkz once a year – what happens next? 

I wake up from that dream.

What’s the funniest rejection you’ve ever had, or a worst first date?

So, this girl cooked for me on a first date. I absolutely hated the food but I had to force myself to finish it even though I hated the food.

Can you tell us a secret about yourself?

Yea I can actually…….. I have a secret.

Top tip for a Fresher student starting uni?

Enjoy life, get to learn about yourself and set some goals for yourselves to achieve.

Lastly, to mark a point in time and to be able to look back at this in the future. What have you not achieved to date, that you will before you’re 30?

I would say release more music and spend more time with my loved ones.

Yung Filly Interview | Student Pocket Guide