We caught up with the new all-girl trio; Girls Next Door to talk about all things music, fashion and future plans…

Girls Next Door Interview 

It’s a pleasure to speak with you, thanks for your time. Let’s kick things off with the fact you’re a new band and already playing massive gigs, how are you feeling right now about the positive madness that is going on?

Hey Student Pocket Guide! We’ve been overwhelmed by the response online and in real life. Something really magical happened when we all teamed up and there is like a magnetic force between us when we perform live.

You’ll be performing at NASS alongside the likes of Joel Corry, Nathan Dawe, with special guest Ann-Marie also making an appearance. Will you be hanging around to mingle with these artists, and what is the scene like – are you already friends with some of the huge names?

Hell yeah! We are all ravers at heart and when we aren’t performing at the shows we are in the crowd having it large. We love connecting with everyone backstage, especially the girls! It’s all about girls supporting girls for us.

What track gets the biggest reaction from your fans when you perform live?

Bass Face by Ms Pink gets the crowd going every single time. The best part is the lyrics are directing the crowd, we always like to get everyone singing the hook by the end of the song. 

Girls Next Door Interview

Girls Next Door Interview

You all individually have your own artist names and combine as a powerful trio to form Girls Next Door. It goes without saying you must all be so incredibly busy – how are you managing to juggle things as individual artists and a group?

Most importantly we truly love our new project Girls Next Door. We are really looking forward to how the project unfolds throughout this year, we are used to having a very hectic schedule as we already work in the music industry. But we enjoy it so much that we don’t view it as work!

What are the future plans for Girls Next Door?

We are planning our first release and new music, booking in shows for the year and our goal is to have as much fun as we can whilst doing it all.

You’re all very active on socials. What is your favourite social media platform and why?

We do most of our livestreams are on Facebook, but we have a growing army of supporters on TikTok and Instagram too.

With social media being so intrusive are you able to switch off from it, or are you addicted to your phone?

You do NOT want to see our screen times haha!

What is your rider?

We demand pink fluffy sofas, pink Red Bull and sparkly unicorns but we are happy with some water and snacks! 

How big is the team that helps make things happen for you as artists and a group? Who would you like to shout out to?

We’d like to do a special shout out to Niki at Sika Studios who is our Fairy Godmother behind the scenes. 

Let’s talk fashion – what is your favourite outfit combo this Spring, what would you recommend?

We love crop tops, joggers, trainers and pig tails. 

A question for Ms Pink: describe the world without pink? 


Let’s wrap things up by you telling readers that might not have heard of you yet, why they should come and watch Girls Next Door and what they can expect?

You can expect high energy, positivity and multi-genre bass heavy set when you see us perform. If haven’t heard of us then come on over and get involved on our socials.

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For all bookings email Niki at agency@sikastudios.co.uk

Girls Next Door Interview by Student Pocket Guide