Kavo is an 18 year old rapper from Birmingham who’s getting noticed by the big names and achieving huge success online. His new track reached number 6 on YouTube’s trending music charts and the rap star will “one day be regarded as one of the greatest”. We caught up with the upcoming artist to talk about his new music, tips for trending, performing overseas, and his commitment to the industry… 

Kavo interview by Student Pocket Guide

Hey Kavo – for those that don’t already know who you are, please introduce yourself and your sound…

I go by the name of Kavo, I’m an 18 years old artist hailing from the greatest city in the world, Birmingham. I’d describe my sound as raw, relatable and rebellious. I’m a very open person who isn’t scared to say how I feel when it comes to my music. I’m all about having fun, touching on real life topics and relating to my audience with real life things that have happened to me in my city.

When did you realise music was your destiny?

I always had a deep connection with music thanks to my parents, my sister and my cousins. However, when lockdown in March of 2020 hit and I found myself idle, a friend of mine told me to try music to pass time. After only writing a few freestyles and songs, and testing them on my Instagram, I fell in love and knew that this was the lane for me. I know to this day that I’ll one day be regarded as one of the greatest and I stand on that.

Talk to us please about your new track “Brum Boy or Scouser” – it reached number 6 on YouTube’s trending music charts in just for 4 days! How are you feeling about its success?

It’s really exciting, the reception this song had was surprising but I never had a doubt in my mind that my city would let me down. This song to me was just a glimpse of how strong the Midlands and the North is. It motivates me even more to keep elevating the bar of success and go again in preparation for the next single.

What are your top 3 tips to get music trending?

  1. Consistently push out your material.
  2. Relate your content to a large group of people.
  3. Never get discouraged as you’re always 1 video away from going viral.

It looked like you had to travel quite far to create the video – what was the favourite place you visited, and why?

Barcelona hands down. I didn’t get any sleep there because of how busy we we’re but that was the fun part. Performing out there and working in the studio, getting the video shot and enjoying the scenery felt unreal. Would love to go back again and perform. The people and the vibe out there are amazing.

Kavo Interview

Kavo Interview

How is life changing for you compared to what someone your age would “normally” be doing, and how are you dealing with the shift?

I think the shift in my life has been a very mental thing rather than a physical. I still see my friends from time to time and what not, but to succeed in this game, I know it’s all about how much you’re willing to sacrifice. It’s a very tough mental battle and moral decision of how much you’re willing to let go now in order for the future to be bright. It’s mainly a me vs. me fight that I have to face everyday for focus and concentration on turning this dream of mine into a reality. I’ve had to be in my room more. I’ve had to travel more and be away from friends and family. However, I know it’s all for a greater cause. It’s definitely something I’ve accepted and I embrace this role I’ve been given. While everyone’s out partying, I’ll be the one making the music they party too – lol.

You’re already getting noticed by top names including Tiffany Calver, Skepta and Digga D. What are your plans to keep growing as an artist?

I plan on continuing to be myself and telling the world my story and my life as it goes on. The big names who notice me always warms my heart and excites me. But at the end of the day I want my idols to become my peers and one day collaborate with the people I admire; learn a thing or two and implement it into my craft. I’m a true student to the game so I’m committed in making more and more bangers for the people and grow as an individual and a family.

What’s been the best part of your career so far?

Spain has probably been the biggest highlight for me. It’s the first time music got me overseas and that feeling of performing and people knowing my lyrics who are nearly 1,000 miles away from me was insane.

How many people are you working with behind the scenes to get the success you are achieving? 

God, my family and my team at DBF Records all have pushed me behind the scenes to be where I am today. Wouldn’t trade a single person on my team for anything, they’re truly the best.

Kavo Interview

Kavo Interview

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

I don’t really get caught up in the future ’cause you never know, but if God wills I’ll have a huge family of supporters who still tap into my music and any other endeavours I take. I’ll have taken care of my family and achieved most of the things I dreamed of as a kid. But who knows, that could happen way sooner than that. Regardless I trust the process.

Kavo interview by Student Pocket Guide