In this exclusive interview, we dive into the world of Anton Vic, an emerging emo alternative artist hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, and currently based in Brighton, UK. With a unique sound that blends elements of electronic, pop, and alternative genres, Anton Vic’s music resonates with those who feel like misfits, tackling topics such as mental health and personal struggles. From his brave decision to leave his home country to pursue his musical dreams to his journey as an independent artist, Anton Vic shares his story, inspirations, and vision for the future. Join us as we explore the artistry, resilience, and ambition of this rising star.

Anton Vic interview by Student Pocket Guide


Hey Anton Vic, firstly, it’s a pleasure to connect with you, we’re excited to discuss your talent, journey, and interesting story! Can you please introduce yourself and describe your sound?

Let’s start by expressing my gratitude for the wonderful opportunity to be featured in Student Pocket Guide. Thank you so much for recognising my music and allowing me to share my story.

My name is Victor Anton, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, currently living in Brighton, UK, and I create emo alternative music that resonates with those who feel like misfits or outcasts, individuals who may be navigating challenging times related to mental health, or simply anyone seeking a connection. I strive to provide a refuge for those who may be struggling, offering a sense of solace and understanding.

I would describe my sound as fierce, sad, melancholic, energetic and moody depending on the listener. I strive to create a unique musical experience that seamlessly weaves together elements of electronic, pop, and alternative genres.

Anton Vic Interview

Anton Vic Interview

As an artist, what does your work represent? Who is Anton Vic?

Anton Vic is more than just a stage name; it’s an alter-ego that allows me to channel my deepest emotions and thoughts. Through this persona, I find solace in expressing my personal experiences and navigating the challenges of clinical anxiety. Additionally, Anton Vic serves as a vessel to explore and articulate the emotions that resonate with others.

As Victor Anton, I have carried the name Anton throughout my life in Venezuela, while in the UK, I have been affectionately referred to as Vic. Combining these two identities, I have embraced Anton Vic as my artist name, allowing me to tap into a new persona that transcends the limitations of my individual self.

Writing and composing songs has become a cathartic outlet for me, providing a means to capture my struggles on paper and find a sense of peace and understanding. Through Anton Vic, I am able to express myself in ways that Victor Anton alone could never achieve.

Talk to us about your incredible journey, and not just the music side of things but your decision to move from your home in Venezuela to London, UK! What initially attracted you to move to London?

Leaving my original country was driven by a combination of factors that shaped my path. At the age of 17, after completing high school and facing the uncertainty of university, I embarked on a two-year gap period to explore different avenues in life. It was during this time that I discovered my true passion for music. Experimenting with FL Studio and tinkering on an old Casio Keyboard I found at home, I delved into beat-making and began recording rap songs.

Despite not coming from a musical background, I felt a deep connection to the power of expressing myself through lyrics. This newfound love for music was further intensified when I stumbled upon a live performance video by The Warner Sound (Songkick) featuring Twenty One Pilots performing “Holding On To You” in The Live Room. The sheer impact and inspiration from that single video had an undeniable influence on the trajectory of my life and artistic choices.

The challenging circumstances in my home country between 2011 and 2013 played a significant role in my decision to pursue a different path. The escalating violence, rampant political corruption, and severe economic instability with skyrocketing inflation rates made it increasingly difficult to envision a future there. As someone of both Spanish and Venezuelan heritage, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to move to the UK while it was still part of the European Union. With a deep appreciation for both English and Spanish music, I aspired to create music in English, despite it not being my first language.

Understanding the need to start from scratch both musically and linguistically, I embraced the challenge and made the decision to relocate and pursue a career in music.

That’s a very brave decision and shows true dedication to your vision and ambition as an artist. How did you even begin, as an unsigned artist, to relocate to the other side of the planet and get your career started?

From the moment I arrived in the UK, I knew that learning English and honing my skills as a musician were essential steps on my journey. To support myself, I took on a full-time position as a Barback at a renowned establishment called Gilgamesh in Camden Town, London. Despite being only 19 years old, I embraced the opportunity and worked tirelessly, often enduring gruelling double shifts that stretched up to 14 hours, six days a week. Although the job felt restrictive at times, it provided the financial stability I needed to pursue my aspirations since I did not have the financial support from my parents back then.

After a year, I made the decision to prioritise my education and enrolled in an ESOL Level 1 course to further improve my English proficiency. Concurrently, I embarked on a BTEC Music Performance & Technology programme at West Thames College in London. Throughout my studies, I maintained a rigorous work schedule, always ensuring I had a job while balancing my coursework, songwriting, and continuous practice of singing and playing instruments. However, it was upon my relocation to Brighton to study Songwriting at BIMM that I wholeheartedly committed to launching my musical career.

You later moved from London to Brighton to study at BIMM. How did you manage to pursue your career whilst keeping on top of your studies?

In 2017, I made the bold decision to relocate to Brighton and begin my studies at BIMM. Balancing my academic pursuits, work commitments, and creative endeavours proved to be incredibly challenging. Juggling two jobs, one at a local Co-op and the other in retail, my schedule became a jigsaw puzzle of overlapping shifts and limited rest. There were days when I would finish my shift at the Co-op late at night, walk an hour home, and then dive into my studies the next day. On other occasions, I found myself working doubles, with mornings dedicated to retail and evenings devoted to the Co-op. It was far from easy, but I knew these sacrifices were necessary.

As a European student, I only received minimal maintenance loan allowances, which I chose to invest in my burgeoning music career rather than using it for day-to-day expenses. This meant purchasing necessary gear, instruments, and allocating funds towards marketing and promotion. It was a way for me to launch my career from the ground up, building a foundation from virtually nothing.

Eventually, I faced a difficult decision. In 2019, I made the choice to drop out from BIMM while simultaneously releasing my debut track, “S T A Y.” It wasn’t a decision made lightly, as I understood the importance of continued learning and growth in this industry. However, I recognised the need to take a different path, one that allowed me to pursue my musical journey with the flexibility and autonomy I desired. Dropping out didn’t mean abandoning my studies; rather, I committed myself to relentless self-improvement and staying abreast of industry trends.

My time at BIMM was invaluable, and if given the opportunity, I would gladly return to continue learning and collaborating with the talented musicians I encountered. The sheer level of talent and passion at BIMM served as a constant reminder of the drive and dedication required to make a name for oneself in the music industry.

Your latest release “Get Out of My Way” has a brilliant hook and is packed with energy. Can you talk about the inspiration for this song?

“Get Out of My Way.” is my newest powerful anthem, born from the depths of uncertainty and inspired by a personal experience that resonates with the struggles many of us faced during the pandemic. It all started when a close friend had a harrowing brush with suicide, a moment that deeply affected me and fuelled the creation of this gripping song. It’s a reminder, you know? A reminder that we can find strength in the face of adversity even in the toughest times.

In “Get Out of My Way.”, I wanted to capture the raw essence of those dark moments and transform them into an electrifying musical journey. I aimed to create a song that would transport the listener to the brink of a near-death experience, immersing them in a captivating journey. Which is the reason it has lots of sound effects from the intro to the end of the song. In a sense, to make you feel you’re behind the wheel.

I enjoyed learning your fun facts!… That your song “P S Y C H O” was inspired by the movie JOKER, thinking from its perspective about society. And your song OBEY ME! was written about feeling helpless against someone with power – especially during the pandemic when Chancellor Rishi Sunak suggested struggling musicians should get a new job. Your reply is very powerful, and I love how you manage to create amazing work from a negative scenario. Are there any political or societal issues now that are drawing you to write about them?

I appreciate your enthusiasm and interest in my music! It’s great to hear that you enjoyed the fun facts about my songs.

As for your question about current political or societal issues that draw me to write about them, there are indeed several topics that pique my interest. With the ongoing conflicts and political tensions around the world, such as the war in Ukraine and Russia, I find myself contemplating the complexities and human experiences within these situations. It’s a challenging subject matter that I believe has the potential to evoke powerful emotions and spark meaningful conversations. While I haven’t written a song specifically about it yet, I’m open to exploring these issues in my future work.

How has music specifically helped you in managing anxiety and addressing problems in your own life?

Music has been a game-changer for me, helping me figure out what the heck anxiety even was and how to deal with it. It’s become my go-to outlet, whether I’m writing songs or belting them out. There’s something magical about pouring my heart into music—it never fails to lift my spirits. But here’s the thing, sometimes it’s tough. We get this itch to create, and then we end up feeling guilty for taking a break or not constantly pushing ourselves. Well, guess what? I’ve learned that it’s okay to kick back and relax. Music actually shed light on my anxiety, and I didn’t even realise I was struggling with it until recently. Thanks to my musical journey, I sought help and got on the path to feeling better. It’s been a wild ride, but music has shown me the way.

Who inspires you musically?

As an artist, I find inspiration in a wide range of sources. I have a deep appreciation for anything that evokes emotions within me, whether it’s the energy of a live performance, the artistry of studio recordings, or the thoughtful lyrics and branding of fellow musicians. I believe in looking at the whole picture when it comes to crafting my own music.

Among the artists who have greatly influenced and inspired me, Twenty One Pilots holds a special place. Their unique style and captivating performances have left a lasting impact on my own creative journey. Additionally, I find inspiration in the work of newer artists such as Bohnes, Sub Urban, Jaymes Young, Palaye Royale, grandson, PVRIS, Two Feet, and Royal Blood, among many others. The list of artists who have shaped and influenced my music could go on endlessly, as I look up to and draw inspiration from a wide variety of talented individuals. And I hope to one day to share stages with any of them.

By immersing myself in the works of these artists, I continually strive to not only write better songs but also to evolve and refine my own sound. Their creativity and artistic expression serve as a constant reminder of the limitless possibilities within music, motivating me to push boundaries and consistently improve as an artist.

How long have you been carving your sound and brand, and are you comfortable within yourself of where you are at now with it?

In 2019, I had a breakthrough moment where I began to discover the direction I wanted to take with my brand, both musically and visually. However, this journey has been an ongoing evolution, as I continue to grow alongside it. It took time for me to truly understand and define the representation of who I wanted to be as an artist.

Even now, I wouldn’t say that I have reached complete comfort in my artistic identity, as I constantly seek out new challenges and opportunities for growth. Each song I create presents its own set of obstacles, whether it’s the lyrics, melody, production, or songwriting. The process of bringing them to completion is always a demanding task.

As I work with my abilities and talent, I firmly believe that even when I begin performing live by the end of 2023, I will still feel this way. The learning curve never ceases, and that’s a mindset I embrace. While I hope to one day reach a point of comfort, I am committed to continuously learning, improving, and putting myself out there as a better singer, songwriter, producer, and artist.

Do you have any standout moments in your musical career to date?

One of the most significant milestones in my musical journey occurred when my track “P S Y C H O” earned placement in multiple esteemed editorial playlists on Spotify and Amazon Music. This achievement held great significance for me, as it had long been a cherished ambition to see my music showcased alongside esteemed industry peers, resonating with a broader audience and forging new connections with listeners. The overwhelming joy I experienced upon realising this milestone was truly indescribable.

As the years go by, it must become more challenging for artists to create a unique sound. I really think you have not just got raw talent, but that unique ID, a sound which sets you apart from anyone else, an edge, with global appeal. I really wish you the very best and have no doubt you are a star in the making. Do you dream of big things just around the corner?

Thanks a ton for the lovely compliment! I’ve got some big dreams on my mind—I want to travel the world, rock the stage alongside amazing bands and artists, and carve out my own place in the music scene. Playing at cool festivals and dropping new tunes regularly is important, but what truly drives me is connecting with people, spreading joy, and giving them unforgettable experiences. And you know what? Opening for Twenty One Pilots is a goal I’m determined to achieve. It’s gonna be epic!

You’ve built an impressive following and gained significant views with 5.5M+ streams. As an independent artist who has already accomplished a strong following, what is your vision for the future?

I’m thrilled and grateful for all the incredible listeners who have embraced my music. It brings me immense joy to know that my songs have resonated with others. Looking ahead, my vision for the future is to release a full album by 2023-2024, hit the road for an exhilarating UK tour as a support act, and bring my music to the stages of renowned festivals. I’ll keep pushing forward, grinding and striving to establish a prominent presence in the industry. My philosophy has always been rooted in the belief that anything is possible when we work with the tools we have and put in the hard work. Because, as they say, opportunity often disguises itself as hard work.

Anton Vic Interview

Anton Vic Interview


Anton Vic interview by Student Pocket Guide