Hey Bea, thank you so much for your time. We’re excited to talk with you again! Can we go back in time for a moment… as a school student, you got into trouble for your drawings of Beatopia – it’s sad to hear how your teacher treated you, but amazing to see how you didn’t give up on your imagination and your dreams. How did you feel emotionally when you released the album, especially as Beatopia was locked away for so many years? (And we assume your teacher now knows what a superstar you are!?)

It was amazing to release the album. It was like writing the ending to a story I started and had left unfinished for years. A full circle going back to that moment but finally putting it all into words, sounds and visuals. It was therapeutic but more than anything it was fun! Beatopia is a special record for me, it’s the exact album I wanted to make, so I’m proud and just want people to hear it and enjoy it with me. My old teacher can hear it too, haha.

Sunny Day – it’s the perfect song to lift the mood and put a smile on anyone’s face. Can you let us know, what is the perfect day for you, to lift your mood and make you smile?

A perfect day for me would be a waking up with my boyfriend with a nice blue-sky day, we’d be travelling and doing something cute together, maybe figuring out plans later in the evening with our friends. Either that or a day where I’m with family. I had some perfect days recently when travelling to Iloilo where I’m from and it was like a little paradise.

Beabadoobee Interview 2023

Beabadoobee Interview 2023

The Perfect Pair is one of my favourite songs, the vibe is just incredible. Truly stunning. Powerful but gentle, creative, and beautifully mature. How do you feel your music has developed since your earlier bedroom session days?

Thank you! I feel like I’ve just been able to experiment more and be free to try things and go in directions where it’s new. That’s the most important thing for me. When I was starting, I did acoustic bedroom out of necessity, it was just me and my acoustic in my room. Then I was able to try new things with a full band and able to grow the sound. I’ve almost come full circle again re-falling in love with the acoustic side but now able to be more lush and grand with strings quartets or other instruments like trumpets or, like on Perfect Pair, add something like a Bossa nova beat. It’s about trying new things but still being true to you and what you like. I’m excited for people to hear where I go next. There’s lots of ideas already!

A lot of people comment on your music videos about how well you capture the nostalgic sound. It makes many people feel like they are teenagers again. I also couldn’t help but notice the poster of Tom Hanks from Big in your 2019 bedroom session videos. What are your fondest memories or things that make you feel nostalgic?

I spent some time in my old room recently, which is where I wrote all my music so far, and it’s probably the most nostalgic place ever for me. That and going back home to the Philippines where I saw family. There’s so many memories to those two places, especially now that I’m there less and less.

Beabadoobee Interview 2023

Beabadoobee Interview 2023

Knowing that you are connecting with millions of people around the world must feel amazing. Have you found that releasing music helps build inner confidence within yourself?

It’s something I’m still working on and always will but I’m feeling very grateful for where I am and how I’ve been able to make music my life. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and it’s a real blessing people connect with what I’m saying through my music. I’m just being honest and writing from the heart, so it’s a good feeling people resonate. My fans are the coolest and it all means so much to me.

Glue Song is your first release since your acclaimed album Beatopia was released last year. Can you tell us in your own words what this song represents?

Glue is a funny term and it’s such a great way to look at something – we use it to fix things and to stick to things. This song represents being in a good spot in life. I’m happy and turned a new leaf and feeling good all round with things. This is a happy song. A true feel-good song written in that mindset.

You have a huge European tour coming up. Are there any stand-out venues for you and places you are looking forward to visiting and performing at?

Yes, all of them. I haven’t spent enough time in Europe, and it’s my first headlines there, so I’m very excited. I can’t wait to do Paris, Milan, and Amsterdam but there are so many great spots I’m looking forward to from Copenhagen and Munich. There will be lots of first times for me to fall in love with and want to come back to. I hope Europe is ready for the extra special show we have set up for them!

Beabadoobee Interview 2023

Beabadoobee Interview 2023

Beabadoobee supporting Taylor Swift!! Please can you tell us as much as you can about this – how does it feel, how did it happen, when did you last speak? We want to know all the gossip!

Taylor and I met a few times at awards shows and she’s been so, so sweet supporting me when I release a song by sharing it or adding it to her playlists. Little things like that. I think she is a God and one of the best in the game, representing female musicians to the highest level. She is a boss and joining her on tour is going to be super fun! Ages ago I said it would be a dream to support her so this is extra special that it’s happening now.

This is huge news. How do you prepare for such an incredible tour experience?

Thankfully we’ve had lots of time on the road to be ready and did some big arena shows with The 1975 but other than that we’ll make a new set for the show and then just go for it. It’s going to be amazing, and we’ll just jump right in and soak it all up. We can’t wait to see her show every night.

What do you attribute your ongoing major success to?

That’s a good question, there’s a bit of luck and fate in life for everyone. I’ve written a lot and released a lot of music for a start, and I’ve got a great team I work with and throughout I’ve been 100% me and honest in my music and art. I think people can feel that and that’s what clicks but, who knows, it’s all crazy and I’m still trying to figure it all out! Someone tell me if you know!

2022 was a huge year for you and 2023 is showing no signs of slowing down. As a musician that’s already achieved so much, what goals, dreams and ambitions will you pursue in the future and what will be your focus?

Just to keep going and enjoying it all. Having fun and staying happy and in the spot I’m in right now. Finding a good balance of life and work and continuing to grow musically with what I make and release. I’d like to make sure I can help people too along the journey, whether that’s through the music or other new ventures coming up in life. I’m excited to collaborate with more people in the future on new music and projects. Thanks for having me 🙂

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