Caity, good morning, how are you today? I don’t know if it’s too late to wish you a happy belated birthday?

I’m feeling great actually, got a spring in my step! It’s never too late and I would appreciate that so much.

How did you celebrate your 21st?

I went to Cardiff. I had a show in Cardiff and bought all my friends and family with me and we got an Airbnb and went out in the evening, had an Italian. And last weekend I had a massive party in Shoreditch with my friends. It was amazing.

I first saw you on TikTok, in the early days 2-3 years ago. I wanted to check this was true: that you had applied to go to uni but then didn’t go to uni because your music videos started taking off on TikTok…


What were you going to study?

Music and music production. And then I was like… “No, I’m just gonna go out and do it”.


Good for you. Life must have changed a lot because it’s not been a long time right, I mean it’s been 2-3 years, but your life must have completely changed in that time!

Oh yeah, completely! Also, it was weird because the first year I couldn’t really do anything because of Covid. I didn’t really get the chance to go out and perform. My first performances were last year. So… Yeah. It was crazy. My life compared to when I was gonna to uni, to now, is just ridiculous. But we’re doing it!

Has it settled in yet? Is it still a shock? I know it’s been 2-3 years later but like I said that is such a huge shift.

Yeah everything, every day I am like “WOW”. I wake up and I’m like “What can happen to day?” … I don’t know. But it’s really cool.

Caity Baser Interview 2023

You seem a lot of fun to be around, constantly on the go, and I was wondering is there a stand-out day that you’ve had lately that’s been a bit off the wall, a bit crazy?

I don’t know if I can tell you this, but I found out I am going to Australia in October. But you know now. That’s really cool because I came from like a little sh**ty town in Southampton, and going across the other side of the world is just unrealistic and it was never going to happen, and now I’m going to sing, and to meet people, and I’m like “WHAT?”.

Is this part of the tour?

I guess it is part of the tour but it’s not like… It’s me just going to do shows to be like “hi Australia, I’m Catie”.

I was also going to talk about the touring side of things because you’ve just finished a tour right, but you’ve got another exciting new tour in the pipeline, Europe, US, so again, have you been to these places before and where are you most looking forward to performing? 

I went to L.A. in April. Again, it’s like places that I never thought of going… L.A.! That’s like a movie town! Do you know what I mean? I would look at that in the movies when I was growing up and be like “Wow, that looks cool”, and I went and had my first show there, which was really cool. I’ve been to New York before when I was little, but I can’t really remember it – all I remember is the big toy store, so it’s gonna be cool to go back! I’m just excited that I get to travel with what comes naturally, it’s just so cool! It’s like how lucky could someone be? It’s amazing and I’m so happy that I get to do it!

Dream job! In terms of your own music, what song are you most proud of and why?

Every song is like a child and it’s like saying who’s your favourite child?

 I know it’s a tough question!

I’d say probably… Pretty Boys, only because I remember coming into the studio and being like “I wanna make a song taking the piss out of boys, because I’m sick of them being so dumb and bleak”, and then I literally made the song in 10 minutes. They were making the beat and I was there explaining exactly what happened, and then yeah… we recorded it. It was amazing.

Wow.. in 10 minutes!

10 minutes – we were all in a big room and everyone was just having the best time. Yeah, really cool!

Caity Baser Interview 2023

Caity Baser Interview 2023

A lot of your songs talk about relationships, do you find it as a way of being able to get back at an ex?

The best sort of revenge ever is saying nothing and then seeing how great I’m doing. Well, my only ex-boyfriend, he’s such a loser, I just don’t like him at all. There have been so many times when I could have called him and been “Arghhhh”… but I’ve said no things, no words. Completely “bye-bye”. But then my songs on the radio and there about you, and they’re amazing, HAHA!

The power! What’s been your most awkward date?

Haha, I went on this date, with this boy, and I really fancied him. We were 20 minutes into the date and the food has just come and he got a call from a friend. His friend was like “How long you gonna be because we’re all going out”. He looked at me and said, “What you reckon about 10 minutes?”, I was there literally with the food not even touched, like “yeah”.

Describe your perfect match. 

Funny, cool, good sense of style! I’m not really that picky, I just like people. Everyone asks me what my type is, and I don’t really have a perfect match… I’d say my perfect match would be that guy from that 365 Days film, a big gorgeous Italian man, he’d be my perfect match! I can’t remember what his name is.

What are the 3 most important things in your life right now?

Music, my family, and my friends.

Nice! In terms of music Leave Me Alone, is a wicked tune! I wanted to talk about the video side of it as well because it’s equally as good, it’s amazing and the movie references that you put in there are really creative. How much input do you have on the video side of the music that you produce?

The girl that directs my music videos is called Callaway Breeze, who is an amazing, amazing talent. Most of the time we’ll sit down and listen to the song, and she’ll come up with an idea and we’ll discuss it both put in little inputs, but mainly it comes from her. But this time for Leave Me Alone, we were on tour, because I was writing Leave Me Alone on tour, and we were in a hotel room in Dublin. It was like two in the morning, and I was like “I’ve got the best idea”, and we voice-noted the idea for 20 minutes and I was like “What if I was looking amazing in this bedroom, in this big house, and all these things are going on”. So, I do that side of things and then Calli brought in all the movie references and stuff, because they are some of my favourite movies, so it was cool to bring it all in. And because she knows me so well, she kind of took it straight from my brain, and I took it from hers, as we’re always thinking the same thing.

Student Pocket Guide

Student Pocket Guide

What is your favourite movie?

JAWS, I fu*king love that film so much! Because I love sharks, I love the sea, so JAWS.

Can we talk about your future album, it’s in the planning, right?

Well, obviously I wanna release an album. I have so many songs. I am literally in the studio right now, making more songs. I’m in the studio every day. I’ve been posting them all on TikTok and putting them on socials to see what people are feeling. Sorry, I’m just going back on myself, but I think nowadays people sit on music for too long and it really annoys me. No one cares that you’ve got new stuff coming. You have to just be like “Here is when it’s gonna happen and here is why it is happening”. So, I’ve taken this new thing of like: post the new music and stuff, collect it all together and that will be the album.

Is there a date in the future then, that you’ve got to work towards, and hold on to this music until then?

Yes, I had a planning meeting a few weeks ago and was like “Right, this is exactly what’s gonna be on the album, here’s what I’m doing LA LA LA LA LA”. And then two weeks later I’ve been in the studio almost every day, and I’ve literally rewritten the whole album with new stuff – because I’ve outdone myself. And that’s like the ambition, isn’t it? It’s like “Here’s what I’m doing LA LA LA LA, but then I’ve just done this, and what do you think of this”, so, I’m just gonna keep doing that because I like listening to what people want. It’s all good-and-well me enjoying the songs that I make but if no one else is going to enjoy them with me it’s just sad. I’m liking the sort of like “What do you think vibe”, you know? But it’s going well. The album in the future, 100%.

When will you feel happy within yourself that it is ready?

Like a month, maybe a month and a half.

What about collaborations on the album, is there collaborations on there, any that you can talk about?

Not as of yet. I’m sort of one for like if it feels right and if it happens naturally then fine, I don’t want to force anything. I really wanna collaborate with Dolly Parton, how cool would that be!?

Wicked! Collaboration-wise, Joel Corry was just a brilliant match, great collaboration, what was it like working with him?

He is literally a dream come true; he is the nicest, kindest, sweetest, funniest man in the world. He’s so amazing. We’re best friends, I’m literally like little sister, now, it’s the best, I love him, he’s so cute.

Ah, nice! And Ibiza: talk to us about Ibiza!…

I love Ibiza, bury me there! It’s the best. I’ve been there two times with Joel, and a few times with friends like last year and stuff. It’s just hilarious that this time last year I was staying at Ibiza Rocks, beefing the security guards [LAUGHS], and then this year I am performing at it with Joel Corry. It’s hilarious. It’s amazing. Progression, you know?

 And how are you finding that side of it – fame? Because you must be getting recognised out and about nowadays? Two years ago, nobody would’ve known you and now you’ll be walking down the streets and people will be like “Caity Baser”?

I’ve waited my whole life – my whole 21 years of life for someone to be like “Oh my God, are you Caity Baser – do you sing”? So now when people do it, I’m like “YES! That’s me, it’s me”. Like my inner child is like “ARGHHH YEAHHH”. I love it, it’s great.

Caity Baser Interview 2023

Caity Baser Interview 2023

So, you dreamed to be in the position you are in now?

Yeah! And then some! My dreams are way bigger than what I’m doing now, it’s just the process isn’t it?

What dreams do you have now, that you are aiming towards?

Just to be the biggest-selling, most amazing, famous, touring worldwide, number one hits singer in the whole world [LAUGHS].

You are only 21 – you must have to work really hard, to achieve what you’re achieving. Is there a sense of missing out? You know going out with your friends or are you able to do both?

It’s definitely less than what I could do last year. Last year I spent every single day of summer with my friends. Now it’s like every other weekend, max! But it’s nice because it makes me work harder and then chill out more when I’m with them.

So, you don’t have to compromise as such, well you do, but you don’t lose out?

Yeah, and all the shows I’m doing I can bring my friends with me and it’s hilarious. Like last weekend at Cardiff, I was like “Do you all wanna come?”, they were like “Yeah!”. It’s cool to do this with them. It’s really cool. I’m good at the moment, I dunno if that will change, but like right now, I’m really good.

In terms of parties, it’s nearly Freshers and all the students are gonna be going wild across the UK! Can you give them a top house party tip Caity Baser style, or some kind of tip for Freshers?

Drink Berocca, and then hair-of-the-dog it, every day.