Rudimental Interview 2023

Hey Rudimental, we’re very excited to catch up! So, you recently signed to Room Two (part of Columbia Records) and released “Break My Heart”. What a tune! Does this era mark a new chapter for the band?

Yeah, it definitely feels like a new era for us. I think with being stuck at home for the last few years due to the pandemic we’ve found our London roots again and are excited about all the new upcoming British artists and sounds. This almost feels like we are going full circle and coming back to our first album type of vibes, and we are super excited for the next set of releases.

“Break My Heart”, deservedly so, made Clara Amfo’s Hottest Record in the World on Radio 1 – congratulations! How does it feel to still have the best sound in the world after all these years of making music?

It was amazing to have Clara Amfo’s hottest record, we’re so grateful for Radio 1’s support over the years. It feels real good to still be relevant and playing on radio after all these years.

Rudimental Interview 2023

Rudimental Interview 2023

As you’re signed to a new label, are you taking things in a new direction, what can fans expect?

We have signed to Room Two at Columbia Records. It feels really exciting, they are giving us the creative freedom we need and really understand our sound. We’ve been making lots of dnb vibes and dance vibes, big festival moments you can rave out to. We are also going back to working with exciting new artists and hopefully break the next phase of Britain’s vocalists that you will hear about for the next 10 years!

When are we going to see a new album, and what creative direction do you envisage it taking?

We are mainly releasing singles this year but are putting together an album in the background ready for 2024. It’s hard to give a creative direction just yet as we are just getting started on it but can definitely say there will be plenty of upbeat moments you can rave to.

Do you have any upcoming collaborations planned or any artists on your radar?

We are working with a lot of new exciting artists and hopefully break the next phase of British talent you will hear from over the next 10 years! Peter Xan, Eliza Legzdina, Venbee, Charlotte Plank, Morgan are some of the new super talented artists we have been working with.

Rudimental Interview 2023

Rudimental Interview 2023

Is there any science behind the time tracks take you to finish? And are you sitting on much material, maybe partially complete that might or might not officially ever be released?

There’s no science to us finishing a track really. Just when we feel it’s right otherwise the finishing process can go on forever. There’s loads of music we make that might not see the light of day but we are thinking of new ways to give fans an insight to this catalogue.

Your sound gets people so pumped up. What’s the most hyped show you can remember performing and can you describe it for us please…

One of the most pumped up shows we done has to be at The Warehouse Project in Manchester. It got so hot and hype in there that all the sound got locked off as moisture was dripping from the ceilings! We had to let it cool down for a bit before going back on stage.

Rudimental Interview 2023

Rudimental Interview 2023

What ingredients make a proper Rudimental style party?

Expect the unexpected, good music and let yourself be free. Also leave the phone at home, enjoy the moment, make new friends!

There’s so much going on in the world right now, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear about aliens landing on Earth. How would you describe Rudimental and your music to… an alien?

I would explain Rudimental to an alien by playing them Alien Bashment off our first album. Let the music do the talking.

If you could take control of the world for a day, what would you do?

Have a rave.

Can you tell us one secret about the band that fans likely won’t know?

When we tour, we often play 5-a-side football matches against locals. We are yet to be beaten!

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