Singer-songwriter and student Lexie Carroll takes time out of uni work to chat with us about her exciting new song, music video, future plans and how she juggles time between her music career and studies!

Lexie Carroll interview by Ben Farrin

Hey Lexie, thanks for your time! Can you introduce yourself and tell us when you first realised you had a talent and passion for music?

Hello, thanks for having me. I’m Lexie, I’m 18 and don’t know how to do introductions! I started writing songs when I was about 8 years old and then posted one on YouTube when I was 13, mainly out of boredom. And things have just happened very gradually from there, I don’t think that realisation has ever happened, I’m just having fun with it and seeing what happens.

Your new song “It’s been a while” is an outstanding and epic track getting huge praise! How are you feeling now after its recent release?

Ahh thanks! I’m really happy it’s out and people have been really nice.

What did you most enjoy about writing this song?

I feel like it’s got quite a clear story and scene to it – it’s about thinking you might never get over someone, and then imagining them at your wedding whilst you marry somebody else. The second verse in particular I really tried to put myself into that wedding party scene and it was fun making up lyrics within that – like sipping drinks, making small talk and dressing up as acquaintances for the night.

You also star in the video, which is equally as impressive as the song. I love the style you’ve gone for; wit, humour, haunting clips, filmed in a not-so-common aspect ratio. Do you feel this is your best work so far?

Making the video was so fun – Ethan and the whole Big Tent team are the coolest. It’s definitely my favourite video I’ve done and I’m really happy you could feel the mix of humour and slightly odd/dark bits – that’s very much what I’m always going for.

Whilst the song is obviously unique, the epic sound of it reminded me of Coldplay. We all know how huge that band are! Do you have your eyes set on big things in the music industry?

Ooh I’ll take that! I don’t know, I’m just trying to go with the flow of things – I’m not really fussed with the sizes of audiences etc as long as I can do the gigs/release songs and have somebody listening, anything beyond that is a cool bonus.

The song has touched a lot of people who have commented online. I also noticed you reply to a lot of the comments which is really nice to see – is it important for you as an artist to connect with your fans on a personal level?

It’s just nice to be able to chat and thank people, and I guess it makes the strangeness of social media feel a little less impersonal when you’re able to have a bit more of an interaction.

Your talent is undeniable. I was surprised to hear how amazing your music is, and the quality of the production, all whilst being enrolled at Royal Holloway, University of London! How are you managing to juggle things between your education and career?

I like being really REALLY busy! And I’m very lucky that there’s people around me who help me or remind me when I’ve forgotten to do stuff. It’s really good for my brain having the balance of uni and the music stuff I think – I can be an over-thinker but I feel like when I have both the things going on it sort of forces me to put a bit less pressure on myself for both.

Are your family, friends, and tutors all supportive of your music career? What advice are they giving you?

My family are so supportive! My mum helps me so much with it all especially. With friends/tutors I try to keep things very separate, I don’t really like talking about all the music stuff. People are really nice when they see things I’m up to on Instagram etc though.

Did you do anything specific for Freshers?

Freshers was so strange! I did all the usual things, it was all such a blur and I was very unsettled as I’m sure most people are. I’m much happier now everything’s more familiar and I’ve made friends and stuff.

As a student are you living a home of luxury, in shared accommodation or halls of residence? I presume the first item you packed was your guitar?

Living in halls! It’s really fun and I love my room I got really lucky with my view, I feel like I’m in a forest looking out my window. Our kitchen is a state though. I go home all the time which is nice too.

Do you have any tips for new students?

I don’t think I’m qualified for that yet hahaha. I’m procrastinating doing my first essay currently, this is distracting me a lot so thank you!!

Can you describe a perfect day for Lexie Carroll?

Getting up early, going for a nice walk/coffee with a friend, get some uni stuff done, doing something crafty like crocheting while watching Netflix, and then going off for a gig in the evening.

What are your plans for 2024, and where might we see you perform next year?

I’m releasing another EP which is exciting! and then hopefully play some shows, nothing set in stone yet though we’ll have to see 🙂

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Lexie Carroll interview by Ben Farrin