Alexander Stewart is taking the music industry by storm! With multiple new single releases and an EP which drops TODAY, it’s a very exciting time for the international pop sensation, who’s getting millions of views online. We caught up with the breakout artist to talk about his huge success, new music, performing around the world, and future plans…

Alexander Stewart Interview | Student Pocket Guide

Hey Alexander, thanks for your time! Your latest single release ‘he never will’ is absolutely smashing it, 270,000 YouTube views in 9 days! How are you feeling about the response you have gotten so far for this new song?

I’m so so happy! It’s the first song I’ve released written from a third-person perspective so I wasn’t sure how it would be received, but the support has been overwhelming and I couldn’t be happier.

‘he never will’ follows your previous viral successes ‘I wish you cheated’ and ‘blame’s on me,’ which have racked up 130 million streams. Your social numbers and following are hugely impressive – as your following grows, does your expectation for your new material change?

Yes and no. I say no because I make music because I love to write songs and express myself… that will never change, whether it streams or not. But also yes because with success comes pressure. That pressure makes me second guess the art sometimes because I want everything to be bigger than the last, but that’s when I need to remind myself it’s all about the art. Art first, metrics follow!

Can you talk to us about your forthcoming EP ‘if you only knew’ – what does the record represent to you and what message does it send?

The title track on the EP, ‘if you only knew’, is a song I am pretty nervous to release. It’s the most personal I’ve ever gotten in a record. It’s about dealing with suicidal thoughts and just being in a bad spot mentally. My goal in being this honest with my own struggles is to help others feel a little less alone in their own struggles.

Wow, that takes guts and is highly commendable! I presume this song therefore means the most to you?

Absolutely, because of the subject matter, and it being the first time I’ve been able to really express myself in this way. I’m hoping it can help others feel a little less alone.

This year has been extremely busy for you not only in terms of releasing new music but also performing live in multiple places, including New York, LA, UK, EU and Canada! Which place did you most enjoy visiting and performing at and why?

I loved every performance so much. Each show is always so unique, but I gotta say one of my favourites has been Canada! maybe a bit bias because I am Canadian, so the home town shows just fill my heart with so much love.

You also performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – what was the entire experience like on the day, being backstage and performing on this iconic show?

It was a total dream come true. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. It’s been something I’ve dreamed of doing my entire life… The day started very early with rehearsal, then camera blocking, and once the show was done, I had to rush downtown as I had an hour to be on stage at my NYC show! Once it was over it was a crazy sigh of relief and emotion.

Did you get to meet Jimmy Fallon for long, what was he like?

We got to spend a bit of time together and he couldn’t have made me feel more welcome. he is such a genuinely nice and incredible human.

One of the YouTube video comments on The Tonight Show reads “can’t wait to see all the amazing things that the universe has planned for him.” What does the universe have planned for Alexander Stewart?

I truly have no idea and I think that’s the beauty of it. I feel like every turn I make something insane and unexpected happens, and that’s just the beauty of life!

It’s clear to see, when watching you perform live how much it means to you – what is the best part of being a musician, what gives you the greatest satisfaction?

Performing live is absolutely the best part. Being able to sing my songs back with the fans is a feeling like no other. When I’m not on tour I miss playing the shows so deeply.

As we enter the year’s final month, how would you summarise 2023?

I would say it was simply the most insane year of my life.

Finally, please let us know what to expect from Alexander Stewart in 2024…

Much. Music!!!! And maybe another tour 😉

Alexander Stewart Interview

Alexander Stewart Interview

You can listen to the EP here and watch the visualiser for the emotional title track here.

Alexander Stewart Interview | Student Pocket Guide