As the days grow longer and the warmth of summer beckons, there’s no better way to welcome the season than with a curated playlist of deep house tracks that are bound to make you smile and set the perfect mood for those sunny days. From soulful vocals to infectious beats, each track has its own unique charm, promising a musical journey that captures the essence of summer bliss. Let’s dive into the world of these 10 deep house gems that will have you craving sandy beaches, vibrant sunsets, and carefree moments.

Deep House Summer Playlist

1. “Want You In My Soul (feat. Stee Downes)” – Lovebirds:

Kicking off our summer playlist is the timeless classic, “Want You In My Soul” by Lovebirds featuring Stee Downes. With its soulful vocals and uplifting melodies, this track is a staple in the deep house genre, capable of instantly transporting listeners to a sun-drenched paradise.

2. “That’s Right” – Dam Swindle:

Dam Swindle’s “That’s Right” seamlessly blends jazzy elements with a groovy bassline, creating a feel-good atmosphere that’s perfect for lazy afternoons by the pool or beach. The track’s infectious rhythm is sure to put a smile on your face.

3. “La Perla” – Sofia Kourtesis:

Sofia Kourtesis takes us on a journey with “La Perla,” a track that effortlessly fuses deep house with Latin influences. The result is a sun-soaked soundscape that captures the essence of summer and is sure to get you in the mood for dancing.

4. “Tears” – Tim Green:

Tim Green’s “Tears” strikes a balance between melancholy and euphoria. The emotive piano chords combined with the driving beat create a track that’s both introspective and uplifting, making it a perfect addition to any summer playlist.

5. “Horizon Red” – Made By Pete & Zoe Kypri:

“Horizon Red” by Made By Pete & Zoe Kypri is a dreamy and melodic deep house track that paints a vivid sonic picture. Its ethereal vibes are ideal for those moments when you want to escape and lose yourself in the music.

6. “The Rapture Pt.III” – &ME, Black Coffee:

A collaboration between &ME and Black Coffee, “The Rapture Pt.III” is a powerful track that combines tribal influences with deep house sensibilities. The result is an infectious rhythm that’s bound to energize your summer days.

7. “Lanarka” – Sebastien Leger:

Sebastien Leger’s “Lanarka” takes us on a sonic journey with its intricate melodies and hypnotic beats. The track’s dynamic progression is perfect for setting the mood as you bask in the warmth of the summer sun.

8. “Touching My Body” – Skepta:

Skepta brings a unique touch to the playlist with “Touching My Body.” The track’s deep and soulful vibes, coupled with smooth vocals, create a laid-back atmosphere that’s perfect for those chill summer evenings.

9. “Rebirth” – Tinlicker feat. Hero Baldwin:

Tinlicker, accompanied by Hero Baldwin’s vocals, delivers “Rebirth,” a track that combines deep house with elements of trance. Its anthemic feel and soaring melodies make it a standout addition to our summer vibes playlist.

10. “Greatest Day” – Double Touch Ft Reigan:

Closing our deep house journey is “Greatest Day” by Double Touch featuring Reigan. The track’s emotive vocals and melodic arrangements create a perfect finale, leaving listeners with a sense of euphoria and anticipation for the days ahead.

Deep House Summer Playlist Conclusion:

With these 10 deep house tracks, your summer playlist is sure to be filled with smiles, good vibes, and the perfect soundtrack for your warm-weather adventures. Whether you’re lounging by the pool, dancing under the stars, or simply enjoying a sunset with friends, let these tunes be the backdrop to your unforgettable summer moments.