Vince RatHead is an upcoming EDM Producer and DJ, from L.A. Having released music that reached number 1 in the BeatPort charts, the man behind the persona is not only focused on music but building a brand. We caught up to talk about his music, technology, and upcoming projects.

Vince RatHead Interview | Student Pocket Guide

Hey Vince RatHead! Let’s start by discussing your artist’s name, it’s very catchy! What’s the meaning/story behind “Vince RatHead“?

The meaning behind “Vince RatHead” is derived from a personal connection. Vince is my real name, and RatHead was inspired by my old cat who passed away. Taking on the name in memory of my beloved pet adds a sentimental touch to my persona.

The Vince RatHead helmet is epic! Can we ask how much it costs and can you talk us through the specs of it?

The RatHead helmet, a custom piece, is priced at a couple of thousand dollars, with some additional cost. It is not your ordinary helmet, as it is not designed for motorcycle use, contrary to what one might assume. This unique helmet features padding throughout its interior and is equipped with clear tinted windows for visibility. As a DJ, I rely on in-ear monitors for the duration of my performances, ensuring I am fully “plugged in” to the music. It is worth noting that the helmet is continuously being improved, and I have further plans to enhance it specifically for touring purposes. Undoubtedly, technology plays a significant role in this exciting evolution.

What are your long-term plans for your brand?

Long-term branding encompasses a wide range of products, from toys to toothpaste. It’s fascinating to think about the possibilities. Personally, as a toy collector, I have always had a desire to have an action figure modelled after myself. Currently, I am in the process of developing a prototype for this exciting project.

Vince RatHead Interview

Vince RatHead Interview

I was reading on your socials that your tune M.A.S.K. hit number 1 on the BeatPort charts, and your latest track Peaches hits hard! Your distinctive sound grabs you with its deep/dark rolling groove. What are the 3 main characteristics of your sound?

Crunchy, Reese Bass, Heavy Distortion. Lower-end frequency.

So, you’re from Los Angeles – what’s the EDM/clubbing scene like out there?

I believe the EDM/clubbing scene is pretty awesome. I have noticed more and more EDM crews are rising daily.

I want to give credit also to your DJ sets, I was just watching and listening to one. With your brand, video setup/backdrop, and music you really do offer a new experience to the viewer. It’s very futuristic and helps you to stand out! Where do you see the scene going in the next few years and what’s your plan within it?

It’s fascinating to see how the entertainment scene is evolving. Nowadays, performers have a broader scope to showcase their originality. Personally, I never anticipated collaborating with Meta as an artist/content creator. This experience has completely shifted my perspective as a traditional artist. Platforms like Twitch.TV and online live streaming have opened up countless opportunities for artists to think outside the box. It’s remarkable how even bedroom DJs can now reach the same level of success as renowned artists like Drake. Emphasising originality is crucial and can be the best direction to take in today’s industry.

What are your 3 favourite tunes at the moment that you’re playing/listening to?

Right now I’d have to say:

  1. Losing Control – Odd Mop & Omnom
  2. Cadillac Timeout – Fox’d
  3. Jon Snow – Vince RatHead

What’s your proudest career moment so far?

My proudest career moment was signing my music label contract with Blanco Y Nego as well as getting the contract to work for Meta for the past three years.

Do you have any new tracks coming out soon, and what can people expect from you in the future?

Currently, I’m working on two exciting projects. The first is a Bass House track called “Wode Forest,” blending old-school and new-school vibes. It showcases my love for house and bass house music. The second project is my debut venture into Dubstep. I’m collaborating with another artist to create something unique, leaving room for their artistic style to shine. It’s an exciting opportunity to combine talents and create something special. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Vince RatHead Interview | Student Pocket Guide