Artist of the Month: Aston Merrygold

It’s been a busy few months for former JLS member, Aston Merrygold as his solo career takes the music industry by storm! This week he released his brand new video for his new track, ‘Too Late’. 

After his release of the high-tempo dance track, ‘I Ain’t Missing You’, Aston has come back with a more down-tempo slow-burner, with a heartfelt message of hope and optimism.

Aston explains, “, “We all make mistakes, have bad experiences and struggles at times. We can’t change the past but we can learn from it. ‘Too Late’ is a reminder to take a step back and gain perspective. Until you know where you went wrong you can’t make it right. Have a little patience – success and happiness cannot be achieved by taking the fast track, it’s about taking the right track”.

You can check out the brand new vid right here…

Debut solo smash ‘Get Stupid’ was Aston’s first foray into solo stardom, with the track receiving huge international success, gaining platinum status in Australia as well as topping the radio airplays charts throughout Europe!

The roots of the forthcoming album album mostly lay in his childhood influences – Michael Jackson, James Brown, Usher and Justin Timberlake – but also in his lifelong dream “to make my own type of music and make my own decisions.”

To read more about the upcoming album, you can check out our interview with Aston here.