Beauty Tips: New Year, New Life, New Me! At least, that’s the intention. During these first days of 2021, our resolutions for the twelve months ahead are right in the spotlight. Whether that’s about the wish to stop smoking, to work out more or to eat healthier. But what about your beauty routine? Ever thought about making some changes in that department?

Well, not to worry. This guide contains the top five tips to pamper your skin and look even more fabulous if that’s even possible. Have a pen and some paper ready and take notes of the following tips for a glow-up 2021 beauty routine.

New Year beauty tips

Tip 1 – Don’t overdo it

Just like when you’re decorating the dinner table, the key for any winning make-up look is to have one centrepiece or focal point: if you’re working a classic red lip, tone down your eye make-up. Going for a bold, smoky eye? Then choose a subtle lip colour to work with, not against it. The key to easy make-up sophistication? Less is more.

Tip 2 – Wipe off even if you’re wiped out

No matter how long it took to finish that essay/work call/life admin task, and no matter how much post-essay/work call/life admin task alcohol has been consumed, it’s important to remember to take your make-up off at the end of the night. Your skin renews itself overnight, so leaving your make-up on can get in the way of this and result in tired-looking skin.

Plus, make-up can block your pores, and so if left on for a long time, your skin struggles to breathe and this can cause problems such as acne and signs of fatigue. While a 7-step skin care routine may be a bit much to ask if you’re a bit tipsy, a make-up wipe and a gentle moisturiser is all you need, and you can be sure your skin will thank you in the morning.

Beauty TipsTip 3 – Glow up

The cold winter months can wreak havoc on your skin. During winter, there’s less humidity in the air. This can draw out the moisture in your skin, leaving it dry. While moisturising is important all year round, it’s particularly important in winter, not just to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy, but to give you that perfect winter glow as well.

And make sure you don’t just moisturise your face – using lotion for your body will help you achieve that year-round glow and keep your skin happy and healthy. Particularly if you have dry skin, ageing skin, or sensitive skin, it’s important to incorporate lotion into your daily routine. Really looking for that winter glow? Why not pick a lotion with tanning agents for a winter sun-kissed look.

Tip 4 – Exfoliate

Regularly using lotion is the perfect first step to achieving that winter glow, but exfoliating will really help that glow up have its full effect. Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells and helps the lotion to absorb into your skin more effectively.

For a simple, homemade exfoliator, mix a cup of sugar with an oil such as avocado or coconut oil – this provides hydration and means the scrub isn’t too abrasive on your skin. You’re aiming for a sandy texture, so add the oil a tablespoon at a time until you have the consistency you’re looking for. For the best results, use the exfoliator after showering before washing off and following up with a body lotion.

Tip 5 – Recovery

Even if you’re armed with the best make-up tips and tricks, if you don’t allow yourself and your skin to recover, your skin won’t forgive you. It’s important to:

  • Get some beauty sleep: As we’ve seen above, your skin rejuvenates overnight so it’s important to get some rest to keep your skin healthy.
  • Stay hydrated: Alcohol dehydrates the body and so it’s important to keep the water flowing alongside the mulled wine and prosecco.
  • Limit your sugar intake: Bad news for cocktail lovers – sugar causes inflammation in the body and can lead to a loss of firmness of the skin and the appearances of wrinkles. A key stage in recovery is not just drinking water and getting sleep but paying attention to your diet as well.
  • Moisturise: When your new year is starting off super busy, your skin can grow tired and dull. It’s important to use gentle ingredients to wash your face and then apply a rich moisturiser or face mask to rejuvenate your skin.

Whether your next meeting or social get together is in the office, at home, or over Zoom, use these top five tips to keep on top of your 2021 beauty routine.