Student Life

Read up on everything you need to know about student life, from advice on finding accommocation to how to budget your finances.

Alternative London

To help you deal with the summer heat, I've compiled a list of some of the walks that are available for you to experience at the moment in London.

How Travel Changes You

You hear people who have just returned from travelling saying how much it has changed them. But does a trip around the world really change you that much?

Internship Tips

All your tutors are talking about employability skills and possibly interning/ finding work experience. Here are some of our tips for interning.

Quick and Easy Mug Recipes

As a student you can sometimes be a bit tight for cash. The recipes below are easy money-savers, so here are 5 quick mug recipes!

Top Student Travel Ideas

Finding the travel destination can be difficult, especially considering how pricey travel can be, so we've done a bit of digging for you.

Work Experience Ideas

When you've just left University, or are trying to use your holidays productively, work experience can be key. Here are great some work experience ideas!

Rainy BBQ Recipes

Everybody loves a good BBQ, but sometimes the British weather can get the best of us. Look no further than our Rainy BBQ recipes for alternative options.

Saving Money In Shared Accommodation

The Student Housing Company understand the needs of students and have compiled some of their top tips for saving money when living in shared accommodation.

How To Handle a Job Rejection

You’re in a great place, then out of nowhere you get slapped with a job rejection. Here are some tips on how to handle a job rejection...

Moving Home Checklist

To make moving out of the family home a little easier, here’s a definitative moving home checklist.

Get £20,000 Funding

Are you a student with a business idea that you would love to pursue but the idea of setting up a business just seems too out of reach? A new program in the hea... Read More...