What Do Posters Say About Us?

What Do Posters Say About Us?

Posters are underrated symbols of our livelihood. They are expressions of who we are, collectively as humans, but also as individuals...
World Firsts

World Firsts

Here to coincide with and motivate you on your new academic journey, we have grouped together a series of all things ‘firsts’...

Money Toxic Friends

Chances are that whether at college, university or at home you will have money toxic friends, who quite simply are nothing but a sterling nightmare!

Valentines Day ideas

So the big day is here; Valentine’s Day and you have a date. If you are one of those lucky people who wake up on the day of their date in a Disney film, (you kn... Read More...

Health and Safety Gone Mad

Now, it’s safe to say that health and safety has gone too far in this country. Ridiculous isn’t even a strong enough word to describe some of the bizarre legisl... Read More...


Prankster | The Student Pocket Guide by Nathan Wadlow Illustrations by University is sure to open your eyes to a whole new world of mi... Read More...

Taste of Guilt

As a student I can list the staple parts of my diet on one hand… Take-aways, pizza, bacon sarnies, Nutella and Vodka (it’s a given). I look at that list with a ... Read More...

How cool are you

Feeling a bit as though with the New Year should come a cool new you? We examine... WHAT IT TAKES TO BE COOL. Looking firstly at the attire: Lads, you stroll... Read More...

Student Gripe Vine

Enjoy reading our student gripes I’m sorry, but the public have absolutely no manners what so ever. It’s quite fair to say that if you meet me on a Saturday ... Read More...